Kundalini Flow Activatie

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  • Catharina van Rennesstraat 8, Den Haag
  • 08/12/2023
  • vrijdag, 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Anja Janssen

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Organized By Anja Janssen

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Kundalini & Light Language activation

vrijdag, 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Iris Inaya

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By Anja & Iris Inaya

???? Activate and increase your Life Force Energy
???? Regain Inner-power, Freedom and Lust for Life
???? Re-member your Pure Light Essence
We’ll set up a clear, grounded, safe & ceremonial space for you to fly into the cosmic, connected with the earth like a kite. Kundalini Activations are already quite a ride. Let’s add Lightlanguage Vocals and Sounds to power up the field and it’s frequencies. Moving way beyond what we can imagine….


????????For all levels, no experience needed
????????Bring your water + bottle
????????We have mats, just bring a towel or blanket to cover for hygiene
????????Bring extra clothes in case you get cold or sweaty
????????You might like to bring a sleeping-mask or blindfold
????????Eat light, or long enough before to not feel too full
????????You might want to bring a sweet snack for afterwards
????????Dutch / English
????????Free parking

Kundalini Activation & Awakening is a process of awareness expansion, surrendering and self-realization. To reconnect with ‘the source of life’ and your true self can impact your life deeply. Often we block our life force energy with all sorts of programming, conditioning & trauma imprints. When our Kundalini flow rises, we regain our inner-power, freedom and lust for life ????

With Kundalini Activation we awaken/enforce your lifeforce energy, which works like a strong fuel for your expansion and pleasure. It helps to re-member who you are in your natural expression, in your pure light essence.
Can you imagine what happens if we combine this with Lightlanguage? The lightlanguage energywork deepens the journey within. Aiding to unblock and unstuck ‘our pipes’. It enforces and deepens the process by whatever is needed for clearings, activations and soul-remembrance.

As Frequency Alchemists (and nerds;) we are excited to combine our complementary forces and help you re-member… with all that you are in your Pure Light Essence…

Let’s walk eachother home ❤️

Much love
Iris & Anja


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